“Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet (now North Beach School of Dance) has rewritten all of my preconceived notions about what it means  to be a “dance mom”. This school is not just a school; it is a family, a community and a place for growth and personal development. Of course, the students receive excellent dance instruction but what they learn goes so much deeper. They learn respect – for their teachers, their classmates, the art of dance and, most importantly, for themselves. They learn to love and care for their bodies as they are and also how to safely push to higher achievement. They learn responsibility and the importance of being on time, prepared and presenting themselves appropriately inside and outside of the studio. They learn how to accept constructive feedback and that growth and achievement come from persistence and hard-work. They learn to give back and care for there community not only through performing but through community service and volunteer activities. And, of course, they learn to dance! These lessons at Abigail’s grow with your dancer and support their development on and off the stage. I could not be happier to have found Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet and have watched my daughter blossom into a dedicated and hard-working dancer. She dreams of being a Rockette one day and I am one proud Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet “dance mom”.”

~ Karen Herb, Mother of Student

“I sent both of my daughters to Abigail Francisco’s School of Classical Ballet (now North Beach School of Dance) when they were both very young to study ballet, and I can honestly say that it has positively shaped their character and moral fiber for the better. My two young daughters spent three to six days a week training with Ms. Abigail, and they graduated from her school as ladies. Ms. Abigail’s strict, but friendly approach to teaching ballet infused a sense of purpose and dedication in them. They were given a structured regimen, uniform, and techniques to build upon and develop their strength as dancers. Ms. Abigail encourages her students to work together, be cordial, and establish a friendly rapport with other ballerinas at the studio. Sending my girls to study with Ms. Abigail helped make them the strong independent ladies they are today. I cannot properly thank Ms. Abigail for everything that she has done for them and for me in helping not only to mold them into beautiful dancers, but into beautiful souls.”

~ Ruby Alonzo MD, Mother of Student

Former Student & Professional Dancer Testimonial