The Spring Production is an opportunity for students to experience the stage and all the preparations leading up to the performance as well as provide parents an opportunity to see their child’s improvement.

The show is not mandatory for students. The production is open to all classes with the exception of our Mommy & Me, Fairytale, and Adult classes.

Adults will be asked to participate if we have characters to be portrayed in the show, with more acting than dancing required.

This is an option that must be taken seriously by each student and parent. It is both a time and financial commitment.

For participation in the Spring Production, students must be registered and enrolled in classes prior to January 1st.

A participant may be removed from a dance or the production as a whole for missing more than 3 rehearsals or classes after March 2023.

Production Fee

There is a $225.00 production fee required for each participant. Included in your production fee are two orchestra seat tickets and a Professional video of the production via internet link.

$100 of this fee is due at registration (or end of October for NEW families), and guarantees you two orchestra seat tickets to the show. The remaining $125 is due by April 3, 2023. You may choose to solicit up to two business ads for the production program to reduce the 2nd production fee; one ad (regardless of ad size) will deduct $50 from the remaining $125 due in April. Two business ads will deduct $100 from the $125, leaving only the $25 fee for the professional video link. Families with more than one child enrolled need to pay for the video link only once and may deduct $25.00 from the additional child’s production fee.

This fee helps to cover stage rental, lighting, scenery, tech crew and the $1 million Liability Insurance the school is required to carry for the production by the Calvert County Board of Education.

Business Ad Form (updated 3/21/23)

Personal Ad Form

Costume Fees

The costume fees are due by October 24, 2022.

Some costumes may require separate props and/or shoes as necessary to the character they are portraying (i.e., wigs, hats, crowns, additional makeup) and this fee is due upon notice of cost. Certain roles may require an additional costume or rental fee. If your costume fee has not been paid by the due date, we will be unable to order your costume.

Alterations should be expected on all costumes.

Costume: $95 per costume

Costume Order Form

One Costume Order Form needs to be completed per costume being purchased (i.e. if a student is in 5 dances, then 5 separate forms need to be filled out)

Our volunteer Costume Coordinator is Tammy Genelin. Any costume related questions should be directed to her via email at

Classical Portion of Production

Select students will be invited to perform in the Classical Ballet Portion of the production. There will be additional rehearsals and classes, as well as additional costume fees.

Additional fees include the Classical Deposit of $150, due by October 24, 2022. This deposit may not cover the entire cost of the Classical Costume and additional fee(s) may be required.

There is also a Classical Rehearsal fee of $150, due by January 23, 2023. This fee covers additional weekly rehearsals, including some weekends, that occur outside of class time. Most Classical rehearsals do not take place during regularly scheduled classes.

Rehearsal schedules are released at least two weeks in advance. We attempt to give as much prior notice as possible for rehearsals; the schedule is always subject to change. Rehearsal schedules are posted on our website and emailed directly to the selected Classical participants.

Any student invited to participate in the Classical Portion in the First Act of the Production cannot miss more than 3 rehearsals and/or 3 classes once rehearsals begin in February.


Please note that costumes typically require some type of alterations. Please leave ample time for any alterations to be done prior to the mandatory stage rehearsals and the Production. All alterations with information pertaining to each costume and the necessary alterations required will be emailed and posted on our website.

If you are unable to complete alterations on your own, you can hire one of our seamstresses to fix the costume for you. The information for our seamstresses are:

Jenn Brady –

Laura Hackworth –

*All alternations must be completed by Picture Day.

 Production Link

A spring production link is included in your production fee. You will be emailed a link for the video 30 to 40 days after the production. The link will provide instructions to download and save the video. The video will be available to view and download for 3 months after the production.

We deeply thank the following people who have photographed and videotaped our Spring Productions, Student Presentations, Studio Photo Shoots and other Community Events.


Doug DeMent

MomentsByFaye Photography

Paul Troncone

Meg Ims

David Edwards


Maria Graca Souza

Darren Walker

Dave Walton

Rehearsals & Performances

  • Hair: should be in a bun, slicked back with no flyaways. Please do not use a donut in the hair to make a bun. Please see the photo below for placement of the bun for the Spring Production.
  • All dancers need to wear appropriate make-up. See picture below. There are two different make up tutorials listed, for both lighter skinned and darker skinned students. All older students need to wear raspberry-colored lipstick.
  • STUDENTS IN PRE-BALLET I/II/III, JAZZ I and TAP I need to only wear light blush, light eye shadow (colors outlined below) and light raspberry lipstick. They are NOT required to wear the full makeup pictured below, but do need to follow the colors outlined. 
  • Boys/Men makeup: Rose blush and light Rose lipstick. Foundation can be used to the discretion of each individual. 
  • Do not wear undergarments under tights. No jewelry or nail polish.


Picture Day

Picture Day is typically in late April. Both Class Group and Individual photos are available. Students are invited to attend for only the group class photo, if individual photos are not desired.

Parents must confirm with the office to sign up their dancer(s) for Picture Day to ensure enough time is allotted for each class, based on size and number of photos to be taken.

Ordering information, schedules & timing, and more information will be sent via email.

There is a studio fee of $10 per student for any student choosing to participate in Picture Day. Payment must be made prior to Picture Day for students to participate.

All necessary costume alterations, tights, accessories, etc. need to be completed by Picture Day.

Stage hair & makeup is required.

Think of Picture Day as “practice” for the show!

Student Presentation

The Student Presentation is a great opportunity for the students to perform on a stage in front of an audience and for parents to see the improvements made throughout the year. It is also a fantastic opportunity for those students participating in the Spring Production to become accustomed to the lighting on stage as well as give them more confidence for the June production.

It is open to all students regardless of participation in the Spring Production. Any student that chooses to participate in the Spring Production is required to participate in the Student Presentation.

The Presentation is held at St. John Vianney Family Life Center in Prince Frederick. While the date fluctuates each year depending on the Center’s availability, the Presentation is typically end of March to mid April. 

Performance Supplies

These supplies should be part of your dance bag during regular classes as well as  rehearsals and performances.

(Mandatory for students in all Vaganova levels)

  • Hair Pins, Hair Nets & Hair Elastics
  • Extra tights/leotard
  • Band-aids
  • Hair Spray/Hair Gel
  • Make-up
  • Small Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Bio Freeze
  • Second Skin
  • Single Use Ice Pack
  • Safety Pins